The Warhorn is an item that allows the player to summon invasions of units if certain requirements are met.

Units summoned by this horn will not despawn, making it quite useful.


This horn is obtained by talking to any unit hiring NPC. You'll find the Warhorn on the right side of the screen (it may show a question mark where the warhorn will be, but this is because the player's alignment is not high enough). They are fairly expensive, requiring not only 2000 silver coins but also a minimum of +1500 alignment with the respective faction.

Hiring Panel

Sample unit hiring panel (Warhorn seen at the right)

Of course, if cheats are enabled, it can also be obtained from the creative inventory, or by using the command:

/give @p lotr:item.conquestHorn 1 0 {HornFaction:<FACTION>}

The <FACTION> is the desired faction in capital letters.


This horn is used in the same way as a Horn of Command, but the effect produced by this horn is very different. Instead of commanding hired units, blowing this horn will instantly spawn an invasion of allied units at the location you're standing. What faction you call to your aid depends on which NPC you bought the horn from.

Warning: This horn can only be used once! So when you use it, make sure that it is going to be worth the expense. Good times to use this horn would include attacking an enemy fort, defending your fort against enemies, or defending yourself against an enemy invasion.


Trivia Edit

  • Although some factions (such as Fangorn, Utumno and Dark Huorns) do not have naturally occurring invasions, all factions have a warhorn (which means you can spawn an invasion of ents and huorns). You can only retrieve these horns through the creative inventory or the give command above, and the only reason they exist at all is because they are automatically created by the code.
  • Warhorns were named "Horns of Conquest" until Update 35 introduced the conquest system. The item name in the command line still remained "conquestHorn".

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