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Waste blocks spawn as patches of 'Blasted land' in Nan Curunír, the Rohan Uruk Highlands and Angmar. They can also occur in boulders in Nan Curunír, the Rohan Uruk Highlands and the Perdorogwaith. Before it's introduction in Public Beta 26, vanilla soul sand was used in its place.


vanilla crafting recipe
Rotten Flesh
Waste Block

The waste block can be crafted with two pieces of dirt, a piece of rotten flesh and a bone (any kind), to produce 4 waste blocks. Note, that it's a shaped recipe. You craft it on a normal crafting table or your personal 2x2 grid.


The waste block consists of reddish brown to white matter, presumably consisting of dead bodies. There are four different textures which are randomly distributed over the sides of the blocks.


In principle, waste blocks work in the same way, like vanilla soul sand, so some of its features derive from that:

  • Any mob or player sinks 2 pixels into the block while walking on it. This can be used for some kind of mob traps and other strange devices.
  • Any mob or player is slowed down by it considerably. This can be used to protect buildings or to build traps.

The following features are probably added by the mod:

  • When lit on fire, they stay like this forever, just like hearth blocks.
  • The appearance of the block, when put into the world seems to depend of it's position (x,y,z). When you remove it and place it again, it will show the exact same pattern. This means, if you build a house with it and want a skull over the entrance, you've got to find a place where it shows up, and move the whole house to that position.