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Legacy Renewed

The predefined waypoints of the Shire.

Waypoints are points on the Middle-earth biome map which form the basis of fast travel. There are two kinds of waypoints: Custom (displayed in white) and predefined (in beige). Each waypoint, when clicked on, will display a short piece of lore about it and a shoe icon showing how many times you have fast travelled to it.

Please note that as the renewed version of the mod is still missing several features from the legacy version, some aspects of how waypoints will eventually function are not yet added (such as use with fellowships).

Each waypoint has a corresponding .txt file in the mod's data, detailing the waypoint's name and lore (or where they can be found in the mod's language files to allow them to be translated), as well as the map coordinates, region and faction the waypoint belongs to (if applicable). This means that these details can be customised (and whole new waypoints added!) using data packs.

Using the Map[]


Enter the Middle-earth menu (default "M"), and then either click the map button or press 'M' again, until the map is displayed.

To toggle the display of labels on the map, click on the "A" button in the top right corner of the map.


To toggle the display of the waypoints on the map, click on the respective buttons in the top right corner of the map. There is one button to toggle predefined waypoints, and one to toggle custom waypoints. The colours of the waypoints match those of the button. Turning off predefined waypoints also removes the roads from the map.

Custom Waypoints[]

Custom waypoints - displayed in white on the map - can be created by players. Unlike in the legacy version, these cannot be created by simply pressing a button on the map - instead they have to be built in the world before being used. There is currently a fixed limit of 20 custom waypoints, though this may change when achievements are added to renewed. These waypoints cannot be built within 500 blocks of spawn, or within 200 blocks of a predefined waypoint.

Boyd has made a helpful video tutorial on these new custom waypoints, which can be found here.

Building a Custom Waypoint[]

Custom waypoints have several requirements to be valid and are activated by right-clicking on the centrepiece block with the Red Book. If there is something not quite right with the waypoint's structure when you do this, the mod will display a message in the chat telling you what you need to do.

The first requirement is a valuable 'centrepiece' block - this can be any block that can be used as the base of a vanilla beacon (iron, gold, diamond and emerald, as well as all of the mod's metals, Edhelvir, Gulduril, ice and snow bricks and bone blocks). Right clicking on any of these blocks with a Red Book will display the first hint - that the structure is missing a central stone pillar. This entails placing any type of 'stone/brick' block one block above (called the 'crown' block) and the two blocks below the centrepiece. The next stage is to add a light source to the top (any light source on top of the top stone block). After this the structure requires some buttresses on each side of the bottom block of the stone pillar. These can be stairs (only placed facing upwards and away from the pillar) or sideways slabs. Also note that there shouldn't be any blocks adjoining the 'crown' block except sideways stone slabs or hanging trapdoors (though these are optional).

Now that the basic pillar structure has been built, the surrounding area needs to be cleared. This means building a 5x5 horizontal stone base below the bottom of the pillar and then clearing out any blocks, liquids or fire in the 5x5x5 area around the pillar (the help message will tell you how many things need to be removed). This allows the pillar to be visible within a build, and means there should always be a safe place within the 5x5x5 structure to fast travel into.

The last stage of creating a custom waypoint is connecting it to the map of Middle-earth. To do this, you need to place a map in an item frame on one of the sides of the centrepiece block. This map must be of the area containing the pillar, be at least level 2 (i.e. has been 'expanded' once) and be fully explored. Once this has been done, the waypoint structure is complete and right clicking on the centrepiece with the Red Book will open the GUI shown below. This menu allows you to set the name of the waypoint, as well as add some lore and make it public if you want to. Note that these three things can also be changed later by right-clicking on the centrepiece block with the Red Book again (although making the waypoint public is irreversible).

The GUI displayed when creating a custom waypoint.

After choosing a name, the waypoint will appear on the map and can be fast travelled to like any other. The item frame will change into a new waypoint marker block that shows the waypoint's name above it. The waypoint will also become indestructible and can only be destroyed by the owner using a Red Book and selecting the 'destroy' button.

Predefined Waypoints[]

Predefined waypoints (displayed in beige) are placed at a pre-set location, and all those waypoints have a name, most of which are taken from the Middle-earth canon. When you click on a waypoint, some lore related to it will be displayed.

Note: these waypoints are not yet accompanied by the buildings they describe.

Roads often pass through predefined waypoints, and the path the road takes is determined by the position of those waypoints.

The total list of waypoints has been split up into different regions/biomes to help the reader not feel overwhelmed. Most of these list follow a pattern (starting here, going right, then down, then left, etc), but some biomes (such as the Shire) have so many waypoints that list has been put into alphabetical order. The regions are also those used in the command below.

Map coordinates are the position of the waypoint on the map.png in pixels, not the in-game coordinates. The top left corner is 0/0.

Game coordinates are the position as shown under the compass rose or by the F3-function while actually playing the game. It will be also displayed, when you click a waypoint or hover over the in-game map.

The descriptions are mainly taken from the in-game lore, enhanced by some additional info. If you are interested in more Middle-earth lore, please follow the links, that point to our twin wiki, The One Wiki to Rule Them All.

If you want to find info on a specific waypoint on this page, it's wise use the search function of your browser, normally Ctrl-F.


  • Himling - Map coordinates: 485 / 523 - Game coordinates: -41536 / -26432
The peak of the hill of Himring (not typo!), mostly drowned following the War of Wrath. The small island is off the coast of northern Lindon. It was once an Elven citadel during the First Age.

  • Tol Fuin - Map coordinates: 357 / 542 - Game coordinates: -57920 / -24000
The highlands of Taur-nu-Fuin, the Forest under Nightshade, which survived the drowning of Beleriand. It is an island off the coast of Forlindon. It was once a corrupted forest in a mountain range.

  • Tol Morwen – Map coordinates: 87 / 698 - Game coordinates: -92480 / -4032
A lone hill spared in the drowning of Beleriand, upon which lay the grave of Morwen mother of Túrin Turambar. Also Finduilas, Niënor, and Túrin Turambar are buried on this island off the coast of Forlindon.

The Shire[]

A bridge across the River Brandywine and out of the Shire. It is one of only three ways to cross the river without swimming. The others are the Bucklebury ferry and the Sarn Ford.

  • Brockenborings – Map coordinates: 833 / 710 - Game coordinates: 3008 / -2496
A warren of tunnels within the rocky hills surrounding Scary in the Eastfarthing of the Shire. Sometimes, it's also called "Brockenbores".

  • Bucklebury – Map coordinates: 857 / 734 - Game coordinates: 6080 / 576
The chief village of Buckland, home of the Master of Buckland in the far eastern part of the Shire. Their ferry offers one way to cross the Brandywine River without swimming.

  • Bywater – Map coordinates: 820 / 730 - Game coordinates: 1344 / 64
A village by the Pool upon the Water, home of the famous Green Dragon inn. It's on the Great East Road in the Westfarthing. Here Bywater Road branches off to Hobbiton and Overhill.

  • Deephallow – Map coordinates: 850 / 749 - Game coordinates: 5184 / 2496
A village upon the banks of the River Brandywine. It is located in the Southfarthing of the Shire close to the marshes.

  • Frogmorton - Map coordinates: 831 / 728 - Game coordinates: 2752 / -192
A village upon the East Road by the Frog-marshes. It is a marshy village in the Eastfarthing of the Shire.

  • Greenholm - Map coordinates: 762 / 745 - Game coordinates: -6080 / 1984
A small town upon the Far Downs at the western border of the Shire on the Great East Road.

  • Hay Gate - Map coordinates: 856 / 728 - Game coordinates: 5952 / -192
The guarded North Gate in the Hedge of Buckland. It's located southeast of the Brandywine Bridge.

  • Haysend - Map coordinates: 858 / 747 - Game coordinates: 6208 / 2240
A village in the south of Buckland at the end of the Hedge. It's located south of Bucklebury.

  • Hobbiton - Map coordinates: 815 / 727 - Game coordinates: 704 / -320
A town of Hobbits in the centre of the Shire, overlooked by the Hill of Bag End. It is most famous for being the original residence of Bilbo Baggins.

  • Little Delving - Map coordinates: 785 / 718 - Game coordinates: -3136 / -1472
A smaller Hobbit town upon the White Downs north of Michel Delving in the far west of the Shire.

  • Longbottom - Map coordinates: 820 / 765 - Game coordinates: 1344 / 4544
A town in the Southfarthing of the Shire, famous for its Longbottom Leaf. Named for the discovery of pipe-weed.

  • Michel Delving - Map coordinates: 793 / 739 - Game coordinates: -2112 / 1216
The chief town of the Shire, located in the White Downs, and home to the Mayor of Michel Delving. It is the largest town in all the Shire.

  • Needlehole - Map coordinates: 806 / 708 - Game coordinates: -448 / -2752
A town in the Westfarthing of the the Shire near the Northfarthing border.

  • Nobottle - Map coordinates: 797 / 710 - Game coordinates: -1600 / -2496
A town in the Westfarthing of the the Shire.

  • Oatbarton - Map coordinates: 822 / 701 - Game coordinates: 1600 / -3648
A village in the Northfarthing of the Shire.

  • Overhill - Map coordinates: 817 / 720 - Game coordinates: 960 / -1216
A small village north of Hobbiton and the Hill in the Northfarthing.

  • Sarn Ford - Map coordinates: 883 / 802 - Game coordinates: 9408 / 9280
A stone ford on the southern edge of the Shire. Though the Shire-folk do not know, it is carefully guarded. It is one of only three ways to cross the river without swimming.

  • Scary - Map coordinates: 840 / 713 - Game coordinates: 3904 / -2112
A small Hobbit village among caves and stony hills in the Eastfarthing of the Shire.

  • Stock - Map coordinates: 849 / 737 - Game coordinates: 5056 / 960
A town upon the Stock-brook by the banks of the River Brandywine in the Eastfarthing of the Shire. It's about across the Brandywine from Bucklebury.

  • Tighfield - Map coordinates: 778 / 712 - Game coordinates: -4032 / -2240
A village known for its rope-makers in the Westfarthing of the Shire.

  • Tuckborough - Map coordinates: 815 / 741 - Game coordinates: 704 / 1472
A historic town within the Green-hill Country. Home to the Took family, the Thains of the the Shire.

  • Waymeet - Map coordinates: 807 / 733 - Game coordinates: -320 / 448
A town upon the crossing of important Shire-roads. It's located southwest of Hobbiton and also called "Waymoot" by the locals.

  • Whitfurrows - Map coordinates: 843 / 727 - Game coordinates: 4288 / -320
A small town upon the East Road in the Eastfarthing of the Shire.

  • Willowbottom - Map coordinates: 845 / 752 - Game coordinates: 4544 / 2880
A small village near the Woody End in the Eastfarthing of the Shire.

  • Woodhall - Map coordinates: 841 / 739 - Game coordinates: 4032 / 1216
A village nestled within the northern eaves of the Woody End.

The Old Forest[]

A strange and haunted valley where the Withywindle runs through the Old Forest. The river is a tributary of the Brandywine River. Tom Bombadil lives nearby it.


  • Forlond - Map coordinates: 526 / 718 - Game coordinates: -36288 / -1472
A harbour-city of the Elves on the northern shore of the Gulf of Lune on the southern part of Forlindon.

  • North Mithlond - Map coordinates: 669 / 717 - Game coordinates: -17984 / -1600
The northern half of Mithlond, the Grey Havens, where Círdan the Shipwright dwells with his people. A great elven port in Lindon.

  • South Mithlond - Map coordinates: 679 / 729 - Game coordinates: -16704 / -64
The southern half of Mithlond, the Grey Havens, where Círdan the Shipwright dwells with his people. A great elven port in Lindon.

  • Harlond - Map coordinates: 605 / 783 - Game coordinates: -26176 / 6848
A harbour-city of the Elves on the southern shore of the Gulf of Lune on the northern part of Harlindon.

  • Elostirion - Map coordinates: 710 / 742 - Game coordinates: -12736 / 1600
Tallest of the White Towers built for Elendil by Gil-galad, said to house one of the Seeing Stones of Arnor. It is located in the Tower Hills, a range of hills on the eastern border of Lindon.

  • Amon Ereb - Map coordinates: 500 / 708 - Game coordinates: -39616 / -2752
An ancient hill in Lindon, which, long ago in the Elder Days, was a lookout-post of great importance in the southeast of Forlindon.

Blue Mountains[]

  • Belegost - Map coordinates: 622 / 600 - Game coordinates: -24000 / -16576
An ancient Dwarven city of the Blue Mountains, dating back to the Elder Days. It was destroyed after the War of Wrath, but later resettled, in part.

  • Nogrod - Map coordinates: 626 / 636 - Game coordinates: -23488 / -11968
An ancient Dwarven city of the Blue Mountains, dating back to the Elder Days. It was destroyed after the War of Wrath, but later resettled, in part.

  • Thorin's Halls - Map coordinates: 641 / 671 - Game coordinates: -21568 / -7488
Once ruled by Thorin Oakenshield, this settlement in the Blue Mountains is inhabited by Dwarves mostly of Durin's Folk. It was established after they were driven out of Erebor by Smaug.

  • Mount Dolmed - Map coordinates: 599 / 627 - Game coordinates: -26944 / -13120
Said to be the awakening-place of two Fathers of the Dwarves, this mountain was cloven in the War of Wrath and diminished in size.

  • Mount Rerir - Map coordinates: 592 / 525 - Game coordinates: -27840 / -26176
A large mountain, once the source of a great river, but ruined during the War of Wrath. During the First Age, the elf Caranthir build a fortress at the base of the mountain.

  • Arvedui's Mines - Map coordinates: 663 / 489 - Game coordinates: -18752 / -30784
Abandoned mines in the Blue Mountains. The last King of Arnor Arvedui and his company once hid here in his later days to escape the threat of Angmar.

  • Thráin's Halls - Map coordinates: 669 / 793 - Game coordinates: -17984 / 8128
A Dwarven settlement, founded by Thráin and the exiles of the Lonely Mountain, with many old mines still in use today.


  • Annúminas - Map coordinates: 814 / 661 - Game coordinates: 576 / -8768
The old capital of Arnor, the North-kingdom, before it was abandoned in favour of Fornost Erain. It's located north of the Shire.

  • Fornost - Map coordinates: 897 / 652 - Game coordinates: 11200 / -9920
Fornost Erain, the ruined capital of Arnor. Known as Kings' Norbury in the Common Tongue. It was also the capital of Arthedain

The crossing of the great East-West and North-South roads.

  • Tharbad - Map coordinates: 979 / 878 - Game coordinates: 21696 / 19008
An old ford-town in Eriador, deserted following the Great Plague. It's a fortified town on the River Greyflood, in the southern edge of Eriador.


  • Bree - Map coordinates: 915 / 734 - Game coordinates: 13504 / 576
The chief town of the Bree-land, known for its cheerful Men and Hobbits. It is located on the crossing of the Great East Road and the Greenway east of the Shire.

  • Staddle - Map coordinates: 1947 / 734 - Game coordinates: 145656 / 576
A town of Hobbits in the Bree-land. It is located in the south-east of Bree-land on the Great East Road.

  • Combe - Map coordinates: 927 / 731 - Game coordinates: 15040 / 192
A village of Men on the road to the Chetwood.

  • Archet - Map coordinates: 928 / 728 - Game coordinates: 15168 / -192
A town of the Bree-folk on the edge of the Chetwood with a lively logging trade.

  • Forsaken Inn - Map coordinates: 950 / 743 - Game coordinates: 17984 / 1728
A day's ride east of Bree, this lonely inn is the last settlement of Men before the wild lands. It is an abandoned outpost.


  • Weathertop - Map coordinates: 998 / 723 - Game coordinates: 24128 / -832
The ruined watchtower of Amon Sûl. In olden days it housed one of the great Seeing Stones of Arnor. It's southernmost and highest summit of the Weather Hills.

  • The Last Bridge - Map coordinates: 1088 / 714 - Game coordinates: 35648 / -1984
The last bridge on the Great East Road before the Misty Mountains. As the only crossing of the river Mitheithel, the Bridge of Mitheithel was an ancient stone bridge (although it is a wooden bridge in the mod).

  • Old Elven Way - Map coordinates: 1028 / 847 - Game coordinates: 27968 / 15040
An old road once travelled by Elves of Eregion. It is located in the southern Lone-lands, near Swanfleet.

Rivendell Vale[]

  • Ford of Bruinen - Map coordinates: 1162 / 723 - Game coordinates: 45120 / -832
The shallow ford crossing the Loudwater into the realm of Rivendell, protected by the High Elves.

  • Rivendell - Map coordinates: 1178 / 721 - Game coordinates: 47168 / -1088
The hidden valley of Imladris, where Lord Elrond and Lady Arwen dwell with their people in the Last Homely House East of the Sea.


  • Troll’s Cave - Map coordinates: 1130 / 703 - Game coordinates: 41024 / -3392
The long-abandoned lair of three infamous Trolls who met their end many years ago.


  • Carn Dûm - Map coordinates: 1010 / 503 - Game coordinates: 25664 / -28992
The capital of the old Kingdom of Angmar. The old stronghold of the Witch-king.


  • Ost-in-Edhil - Map coordinates: 1112 / 870 - Game coordinates: 38720 / 17984
The ruined city of the Elves of Eregion. It was ruled by Celebrimbor.

  • West Gate - Map coordinates: 1134 / 873 - Game coordinates: 41536 / 18368
The western gate of Khazad-dûm, now called Moria: of old the great delvings and mansions of the Dwarves of Durin's Folk and a wonder of the Northern world.


  • Duneard - Map coordinates: 1073 / 946 - Game coordinates: 33728 / 27712
A northern village of shepherds and hunters in the northern reaches of Dunland.

  • Dwarrowvale - Map coordinates: 1080 / 990 - Game coordinates: 34624 / 33344
A Dunlending village grown up around the site of an old hamlet, which, it is said, once hosted Thráin and Thorin Oakenshield during their long wanderings in the wild.

  • Firwold - Map coordinates: 1070 / 1027 - Game coordinates: 33344 / 38080
A town of middling size in the highs of Dunland, and a stop for many traders and travellers on their journeys through the region.

  • Fords of Isen - Map coordinates: 1102 / 1087 - Game coordinates: 37440 / 45760
These shallow fords across the River Isen into Rohan are often the site of skirmishes between the Rohirrim and the Orcs.

  • Wulfburg - Map coordinates: 1077 / 1098 - Game coordinates: 34240 / 47168
Once the fortress of Freca's son, the self-styled 'King' Wulf, who seized Meduseld for Dunland during the reign of Helm Hammerhand.


  • Lond Daer - Map coordinates: 867 / 1004 - Game coordinates: 7360 / 35136
The ancient ruins of the first Númenórean haven in Middle-earth. It is located at the mouth of River Greyflood in the south of Enedwaith.

  • Old South Road - Map coordinates: 1025 / 1050 - Game coordinates: 27584 / 41024
With the North-kingdom long fallen and the power of the South-kingdom waning, these stretches of the old Royal Road have long since fallen into ruin. It leads to the Fords of Isen from the West.

  • Mouths of Isen - Map coordinates: 871 / 1127 - Game coordinates: 7872 / 50880
Here the River Isen flows into the Sea after its long course through sparsely-inhabited Enedwaith.

Nan Curunír[]

  • Isengard - Map coordinates: 1102 / 1062 - Game coordinates: 37440 / 42496
A great fortified ring of stone within a vale at the very south of Misty Mountains, wherein stands the tower of Orthanc, stronghold of Saruman.

Forodwaith and Northlands[]

  • Cape of Forochel - Map coordinates: 786 / 390 - Game coordinates: -3008 / -43456
The perilous floes of the Icebay, where only the Snowmen of Forochel dare wander. It's located in the west of Forodwaith.

  • South Forochel - Map coordinates: 825 / 459 - Game coordinates: 1984 / -34624
One of few permanent settlements of the Lossoth among the frozen wastes. It's located in the west of Forodwaith.

  • Withered Heath - Map coordinates: 1441 / 556 - Game coordinates: 80832 / -22208
A scorched valley in the east of the Grey Mountains where, it is said, lurk the last of the Fire-drakes.

Grey Mountains[]

  • Dáin's Halls - Map coordinates: 1262 / 554 - Game coordinates: 57920 / -22464
A colony of Durin's Folk in the west of Grey Mountains, abandoned after Dáin was slain by a Cold-drake.

  • Scatha's Lair - Map coordinates: 1335 / 562 - Game coordinates: 67264 / -21440
Once the lair of Scatha, a great Long-worm, before he was slain by Fram of the Éothéod. Scatha ruled the Grey Mountains long ago.

Misty Mountains[]

  • Mount Gram - Map coordinates: 1106 / 589 - Game coordinates: 37952 / -17984
A mountain inhabited by Orcs who often trouble the lands of Eriador in the north west of the Misty Mountains.

  • Mount Gundabad - Map coordinates: 1195 / 592 - Game coordinates: 49344 / -17600
The mountain beneath which Durin the Deathless awoke in the Elder Days, and a sacred site of the Dwarves before being overrun by Orcs.

  • Goblin-town - Map coordinates: 1220 / 696 - Game coordinates: 52544 / -4288
A warren of weaving tunnels and caverns beneath the High Pass, where Orcs scutter and scrape in the dark. A large goblin dwelling in the Misty Mountains, ruled by the Great Goblin.

  • Eagles Eyrie - Map coordinates: 1246 / 685 - Game coordinates: 55872 / -5696
A great shelf of rock on the eastern side of the Misty Mountains that can be reached only by flight. The Eagles of Manwë reside here.

  • High Pass - Map coordinates: 1222 / 706 - Game coordinates: 52800 / -3008
A long and perilous mountain pass from Eriador into Wilderland where the Great East Road crosses the Misty Mountains.

  • Mount Celebdil - Map coordinates: 1158 / 864 - Game coordinates: 44608 / 17216
The Silvertine, one of the three peaks above Khazad-dûm. Upon its summit stands the fabled Durin's Tower.

  • Mount Caradhras - Map coordinates: 1166 / 845 - Game coordinates: 45632 / 14784
The Redhorn, the tallest of the three peaks above the delvings of Khazad-dûm. The mountain is called Caradhras the Cruel and is said to have a will of its own.

  • Mount Fanuidhol - Map coordinates: 1191 / 854 - Game coordinates: 48832 / 15936
The Cloudyhead, one of three peaks above the realm of Khazad-dûm.

  • Mount Methedras - Map coordinates: 1111 / 1031 - Game coordinates: 38592 / 38592
The Last Peak, southernmost of the Misty Mountains, whence flow the rivers Isen and Entwash.

Vales of Anduin[]

  • Framsburg - Map coordinates: 1251 / 590 - Game coordinates: 56512 / -17856
The ruined city of the Éothéod, Northmen ancestors of the Rohirrim.

  • Forest Gate - Map coordinates: 1303 / 655 - Game coordinates: 63168 / -9536
Once the entrance to the Wood-elven realm in Greenwood the Great, the gate of Mirkwood is now defiled by servants of the Enemy.

  • Carrock - Map coordinates: 1281 / 681 - Game coordinates: 60352 / -6208
A towering pillar of rock in the midst of the Great River. It was once said that, on clear nights, a great bear could be seen climbing the rock to gaze upon the Moon.

  • Beorn's Hall - Map coordinates: 1302 / 680 - Game coordinates: 63040 / -6336
A rustic homestead inhabited by skin-changers and men of the Vales, said to be unfriendly to outsiders.

  • Old Ford - Map coordinates: 1284 / 702 - Game coordinates: 60736 / -3520
The crossing of the Old Forest Road upon the Great River of Wilderland. A bridge once stood here, but has long since crumbled. Now, it's a strategic ford.

  • Dimrill Dale - Map coordinates: 1177 / 864 - Game coordinates: 47040 / 17216
Azanulbizar, below the East Gate of Khazad-dûm: The valley of the Lake Mirrormere, wherein it is said Durin the Deathless first saw his crown among the stars.

The site of the Gondor-Éothéod victory over the Balchoth, which led to the historic Oath of Eorl and Cirion.

  • Rauros - Map coordinates: 1345 / 1130 - Game coordinates: 68544 / 51264
The shores of Parth Galen by the great falls of Rauros, a waterfall which carried water from the river Anduin through Emyn Muil and into Nindalf.

Woodland Realm[]

The underground halls of Thranduil the Elvenking in northern Mirkwood. It is said that they recall the glory of Menegroth in days of old.


  • Enchanted River - Map coordinates: 1396 / 650 - Game coordinates: 75072 / -10176
Here the Elf-path crosses over a gloomy black river that flows from the Mountains of Mirkwood into the forest. It is advised to avoid these waters, for whoever touches them shall not awake...

  • Rhosgobel - Map coordinates: 1343 / 762 - Game coordinates: 68288 / 4160
The dwelling-place of the wizard Radagast the Brown, home to many birds and beasts, and a safe haven among the corruption of Mirkwood.

  • Dol Guldur - Map coordinates: 1339 / 894 - Game coordinates: 67776 / 21056
Fortress-lair of the Necromancer before he fled eastwards, now inhabited by Khamûl the Easterling and his fell servants.


  • River Gate - Map coordinates: 1474 / 696 - Game coordinates: 85056 / -4288
An outpost of the Wood-elves at the end of the Old Forest Road, where it meets the River Running.

  • Old Rhovanion - Map coordinates: 1524 / 870 - Game coordinates: 91456 / 17984
Long ago, these lands were held by a great Mannish kingdom of Rhovanion, but now its ruins are all that remain.

A crossing in the great roads of Dale and Dorwinion.


  • Erebor - Map coordinates: 1463 / 609 - Game coordinates: 83648 / -15424
The Lonely Mountain. Herein lies the Kingdom under the Mountain, a realm of Durin's Folk.

  • Dale - Map coordinates: 1464 / 615 - Game coordinates: 83776 / -14656
The prosperous city of the Kingdom of Dale at the foot of the Lonely Mountain. It was destroyed by Smaug the Terrible in days of old, but rebuilt under King Bard.

  • Long Lake - Map coordinates: 1461 / 632 - Game coordinates: 83392 / -12480
Upon the Long Lake stands Lake-town, a Northman settlement bustling with trade. Great wealth flows through this town out of Dale and onward to southern lands.

At the meeting of several important Dalish roads, the lands around this crossing are home to many guilds and thriving markets.

  • Running Ford - Map coordinates: 1534 / 749 - Game coordinates: 92736 / 2496
A shallow ford on the River Running where the road runs south to old Rhovanion.

  • Redwater Ford - Map coordinates: 1651 / 690 - Game coordinates: 107712 / -5056
A ford on the Redwater at the eastern border of the Kingdom of Dale, upon the ancient East-West Road laid by the Dwarves.

  • Bardhaven - Map coordinates: 1657 / 768 - Game coordinates: 108480 / 4928
The southern port of the Kingdom of Dale, and an important point on the trade routes of Dorwinion.

Iron Hills[]

  • West Peak - Map coordinates: 1588 / 608 - Game coordinates: 99648 / -15552
The nearer of two large peaks in the Iron Hills. Beneath are the halls of Dáin Ironfoot.

  • East Peak - Map coordinates: 1729 / 610 - Game coordinates: 117696 / -15296
A large mountain in the far eastern end of the Iron Hills.


The former home of an Elf-maiden, Nimrodel, who disappeared grieving after her beloved Amroth was drowned in the Sundering Seas.

  • Cerin Amroth - Map coordinates: 1230 / 897 - Game coordinates: 53824 / 21440
A great green hill in the midst of Lothlórien from where it is said one may see as far as southern Mirkwood, ringed with trees.

  • Caras Galadhon - Map coordinates: 1242 / 902 - Game coordinates: 55360 / 22080
The city of the Galadhrim in Lothlórien, and the heart of Elvendom on earth, where all the homes are built in trees.


  • Wellinghall - Map coordinates: 1153 / 1014 - Game coordinates: 43968 / 36416
One of Treebeard's Ent-houses nestled among the spurs of Mount Methedras.

  • Derndingle - Map coordinates: 1163 / 1030 - Game coordinates: 45248 / 38464
A meeting-place for the Ents of Fangorn, set within a hidden clearing.

  • Treebeard's Hill - Map coordinates: 1200 / 1030 - Game coordinates: 49984 / 38464
A rocky shelf, standing above the trees of Fangorn Forest, where one can contemplate the sunlight on the leaves and the wind among their branches.


  • Deeping-coomb - Map coordinates: 1136 / 1108 - Game coordinates: 41792 / 48448
A highly defended vale at the foot of Helm's Deep.

  • Helm's Deep - Map coordinates: 1128 / 1115 - Game coordinates: 40768 / 49344
The greatest Rohirric fortress, the Hornburg, which stands in a wide vale beneath the Thrihyrne. Men say that its Deeping Wall has never to this day been breached.

  • Grimslade - Map coordinates: 1153 / 1122 - Game coordinates: 43968 / 50240
The childhood home of Grimbold, a Marshal of the Riddermark.

  • Edoras - Map coordinates: 1190 / 1148 - Game coordinates: 48704 / 53568
The chief city of the Riddermark, built upon a hill crowned with the Golden Hall of Meduseld.

  • Entwade - Map coordinates: 1239 / 1104 - Game coordinates: 54976 / 47936
A ford across the river Entwash, bridging the Eastemnet and the Westemnet.

  • Woldhall - Map coordinates: 1285 / 1015 - Game coordinates: 60864 / 36544
A small town in the sparsely inhabited uplands of Rohan.

  • Aldburg - Map coordinates: 1223 / 1178 - Game coordinates: 52928 / 57408
The first capital of Rohan, Aldburg is the oldest town in the Riddermark and the seat of the Third Marshal of the Rohirrim.

  • Mering Stream - Map coordinates: 1299 / 1202 - Game coordinates: 62656 / 60480
This stream marks the border between Rohan and Gondor. It runs through Firienholt, the Whispering Wood.

In the days of Helm Hammerhand, a fleet of Southrons landed here and fought alongside the Dunlendings to defeat the Men of Rohan.

  • Freca´s Hold - Map coordinates: 1099 / 1144 - Game coordinates: 37056 / 53056
The old fort raised by the heedless Lord Freca, who ruled the lands around the River Adorn, and was said to be part-Dunlending.

White Mountains[]

  • Ras Morthil - Map coordinates: 845 / 1332 - Game coordinates: 4544 / 77120
The last peak at the headland in the very west of the White Mountains. The Men of Anfalas say that wild Púkel-men still linger in these lands.

  • Dunharrow - Map coordinates: 1175 / 1154 - Game coordinates: 46784 / 54336
A refuge of the Rohirrim beneath the Dwimorberg, the Haunted Mountain. It is said that none living may pass the Paths of the Dead.

  • Tarlang's Neck - Map coordinates: 1205 / 1213 - Game coordinates: 50624 / 61888
Men say that a giant fell here and broke his neck, forming the mountain pass between the Blackroot Vale and Lamedon.


  • Halifirien - Map coordinates: 1309 / 1205 - Game coordinates: 63936 / 60864
The Holy Mountain, westernmost of the beacon-hills of Gondor. Elendil was once entombed here, and Cirion and Eorl swore their Oath upon its slopes.

  • Calenhad - Map coordinates: 1330 / 1212 - Game coordinates: 66624 / 61760
The sixth beacon-hill, lit only in times of urgency.

  • Min-Rimmon - Map coordinates: 1350 / 1219 - Game coordinates: 69184 / 62656
The fifth beacon-hill and one of the oldest, established before the founding of Rohan.

  • Erelas - Map coordinates: 1367 / 1222 - Game coordinates: 71360 / 63040
The fourth beacon-hill of Gondor. Bare and treeless, it is easily sighted from the surrounding lands.

  • Nardol - Map coordinates: 1384 / 1228 - Game coordinates: 73536 / 63808
The third beacon-hill, built on a stretch of the White Mountains. On a clear night its fire is said to be seen all the way from the Halifirien.

  • Eilenach - Map coordinates: 1402 / 1228 - Game coordinates: 75840 / 63808
The second beacon-hill from Minas Tirith, and the highest point of the Drúadan Forest.

  • Amon Dîn - Map coordinates: 1416 / 1231 - Game coordinates: 77632 / 64192
The Silent Hill is the closest beacon to Minas Tirith. Overlooking northern Ithilien, it serves as a fortified outpost for the White City.

  • Cair Andros - Map coordinates: 1427 / 1207 - Game coordinates: 79040 / 61120
A fortified island in the middle of the river Anduin, named for the white foam of the waters that run beside it.

  • West Osgiliath - Map coordinates: 1428 / 1246 - Game coordinates: 79168 / 66112
The crumbling western half of Gondor’s former capital city. Garrisons are housed here to hold the Anduin under Gondorian control.

  • Minas Tirith - Map coordinates: 1419 / 1247 - Game coordinates: 78016 / 66240
The great Tower of Guard, capital city of the kingdom of Gondor, built of seven levels of pure white stone with the white Tower of Ecthelion at its summit.


  • Henneth Annûn - Map coordinates: 1443 / 1192 - Game coordinates: 81088 / 59200
The Forbidden Pool of Ithilien, where the Window-curtain waterfall masks a secret refuge.

These neglected crossroads once housed a majestic statue of a King, which, though now ruined, still wears a coronal of silver and gold.

  • East Osgiliath - Map coordinates: 1435 / 1246 - Game coordinates: 80064 / 66112
The ruined eastern half of Gondor’s former capital city, now often the site of clashes between Gondorians and Orcs. The eastern portion is located in Ithilien.

  • Emyn Arnen - Map coordinates: 1437 / 1267 - Game coordinates: 80320 / 68800
In better days these hills in southern Ithilien were the residence of some noble and wealthy Gondorian families, including the House of the Stewards.

The crossing into Harondor over the River Poros. Nearby stands a great mound, wherein rest the twin sons of King Folcwine.


  • Crossing of Erui - Map coordinates: 1412 / 1272 - Game coordinates: 77120 / 69440
The fords of the River Erui in Lossarnach. Many Gondorians once perished here in the Kin-strife.

  • Imloth Melui - Map coordinates: 1397 / 1254 - Game coordinates: 75200 / 67136
The sweet Valley of Roses within Lossarnach.


  • Pelargir - Map coordinates: 1390 / 1348 - Game coordinates: 74304 / 79168
The great royal havens of the Ship-kings: The chief harbour of Gondor on the banks of the river Anduin.

  • Linhir - Map coordinates: 1292 / 1342 - Game coordinates: 61760 / 78400
A river-town in southern Gondor upon the road from Pelargir to Ethring.

  • Ethir Anduin - Map coordinates: 1273 / 1369 - Game coordinates: 59328 / 81856
The Mouths of Anduin, home to poor fisher-folk of Gondor.


  • Ethring - Map coordinates: 1256 / 1259 - Game coordinates: 57152 / 67776
A long bridge in the Ringló Vale on the road from Pelargir to Erech in southern Gondor.

  • Calembel - Map coordinates: 1235 / 1248 - Game coordinates: 54464 / 66368
A capital of the province Lamedon near the fords of the River Ciril, with few inhabitants.

Blackroot Vale[]

  • Erech - Map coordinates: 1186 / 1205 - Game coordinates: 48192 / 60864
A great steep hill, believed to be haunted, and known for the mysterious black stone which stands upon the summit.

Pinnath Gelin[]

The seat of Hirluin the Fair, lord of the beautiful Green Hills of Gondor.


  • Tarnost - Map coordinates: 1240 / 1295 - Game coordinates: 55104 / 72384
A city in Gondor built in ancient days by Elves who have long since sailed West.
  • Edhellond - Map coordinates: 1189 / 1293 - Game coordinates: 48576 / 72128
An ancient harbour of the Sindar in southern Gondor. The Elves who once dwelt at these havens sailed West long ago.

  • Dol Amroth - Map coordinates: 1158 / 1333 - Game coordinates: 44608 / 77248
A mighty castle and city upon the shores of Belfalas, ruled by the Prince of Dol Amroth, a subject of Gondor.


  • Tolfalas - Map coordinates: 1240 / 1414 - Game coordinates: 55104 / 87616
A bleak abandoned isle in the Bay of Belfalas off the coast of Gondor.

Emyn Muil[]

  • Amon Hen - Map coordinates: 1335 / 1131 - Game coordinates: 67264 / 51392
The Hill of Sight, an ancient seat of Gondorian power, located near Rauros.

  • Argonath - Map coordinates: 1347 / 1112 - Game coordinates: 68800 / 48960
The Pillars of the Kings: Two mighty statues of Isildur and Anárion beside the Anduin, which guard what was once the northern border of Gondor.

  • Amon Lhaw - Map coordinates: 1372 / 1120 - Game coordinates: 72000 / 49984
The Hill of Hearing, an ancient seat of Gondorian power.

Brown Lands[]

  • North Undeep - Map coordinates: 1319 / 988 - Game coordinates: 65216 / 33088
The northern of two westward bends in the Great River Anduin. The shallow fords of the Undeeps were often used by armies as a crossing-point.

  • South Undeep - Map coordinates: 1335 / 1024 - Game coordinates: 67264 / 37696
The southern of two westward bends in the Great River Anduin. The shallow fords of the Undeeps were often used by armies as a crossing-point.


  • Black Gate - Map coordinates: 1470 / 1131 - Game coordinates: 84544 / 51392
The great gates of Mordor, wrought of twisted steel and dark stone. None pass unless the Eye of the Dark Tower wills it.


  • Durthang - Map coordinates: 1464 / 1159 - Game coordinates: 83776 / 54976
A powerful Orcish stronghold built upon the slopes of Ephel Dúath.

  • Carach Angren - Map coordinates: 1491 / 1165 - Game coordinates: 87232 / 55744
The Iron Teeth, a guarded mountain pass between Udûn and the plateau of Gorgoroth. It was barricaded by a wall of earth, surrounded with war-towers, and included a deep ravine spanned by a bridge in front of the single gate.

  • Barad-Dûr - Map coordinates: 1573 / 1196 - Game coordinates: 97728 / 59712
The Dark Tower: Immeasurably strong and unconquerable fortress of Sauron, Lord of the Earth, and the seat from which all the evil hosts of Mordor are bent to his will. Mountain of iron, wall of steel, tower of adamant.

  • Mount Doom - Map coordinates: 1533 / 1204 - Game coordinates: 92608 / 60736
Orodruin, the great Fire-mountain in the heart of Mordor, wherein Sauron forged the One Ring long ago, and the only place where it can be destroyed.

  • Cirith Ungol - Map coordinates: 1479 / 1225 - Game coordinates: 85696 / 63424
The dark and twisted Spider's Cleft within the mountains of Mordor, watched over by an evil guard-tower. The pass leads into the plateau of Gorgoroth.

  • Minas Morgul - Map coordinates: 1461 / 1239 - Game coordinates: 83392 / 65216
Once Minas Ithil, the fair Tower of the Moon; now a dark and sickly place ruled by the Lord of the Nazgûl.

  • Mornost - Map coordinates: 1558 / 1286 - Game coordinates: 95808 / 71232
A watch-post upon the shadowy spurs of the Ephel Dúath which, along with Nargroth eastward, watched the way into Núrn.

  • Narroth - Map coordinates: 1640 / 1248 - Game coordinates: 106304 / 66368
The Halls of Fire, a watchtower above the pass into the plateau of Gorgoroth,that, along with Morigost, watches the way into Núrn.

  • Amon Angren - Map coordinates: 1663 / 1245 - Game coordinates: 109248 / 65984
A dark hill in Mordor, upon which stands a fortress of the Nazgûl.

  • Seregost - Map coordinates: 1682 / 1214 - Game coordinates: 111680 / 62016
A fortress in the Mountains of Mordor guarding a pass in the Mithram Spur. The armies of the Easterlings pass through here on the road to Barad-dûr.

A dark valley behind the walls of Mordor infested with fell beasts and evil creatures.

  • Eastern Guard - Map coordinates: 1840 / 1137 - Game coordinates: 131904 / 52160
A fortress that keeps watch over the road into Mordor out of Rhûn.

Nan Ungol[]

Nan Ungol, a grim and shadowy corner of Mordor in the southwest, infested with the spawn of Ungoliant.


  • Thorband - Map coordinates: 1642 / 1352 - Game coordinates: 106560 / 79680
A terrible prison-fortress of Mordor and port upon the shores of Núrnen. The base of operations for all Nurn, Thorband held food for transporting, slaves for processing, and prisons for torturing.

  • Dunurnen - Map coordinates: 1650 / 1363 - Game coordinates: 107584 / 81088
The sad western shores of the Sea of Núrnen.

  • Fornurnen - Map coordinates: 1696 / 1324 - Game coordinates: 113472 / 76096
The dreary northern shores of the Sea of Núrnen.

  • Harnurnen - Map coordinates: 1718 / 1369 - Game coordinates: 116288 / 81856
The bleak southern shores of the Sea of Núrnen.

  • Rhunurnen - Map coordinates: 1758 / 1316 - Game coordinates: 121408 / 75072
The dim eastern shores of the Sea of Núrnen.


  • Mirulond - Map coordinates: 1784 / 863 - Game coordinates: 124736 / 17088
The Wine-havens upon the Celduin, where the Avari Elves of Dorwinion receive shipments from their kin in the Woodland Realm.

  • Vintner Court - Map coordinates: 1758 / 939 - Game coordinates: 121408 / 26816
The shining centre of all trade, learning, and culture within the Mannish realm of Dorwinion and the capital of Dorwinion.

  • Amon Gwîn - Map coordinates: 1733 / 950 - Game coordinates: 118208 / 28224
A high peak in the hills of Dorwinion.

  • Golden Ford - Map coordinates: 1776 / 986 - Game coordinates: 123712 / 32832
A crossing out of Dorwinion into the lands of Rhúdel.


This river marks the border of the contested land of Harondor. From here, the road runs on southwards into the vast Sunlands of the Haradwaith.


  • An-batîna - Map coordinates: 1518 / 1563 - Game coordinates: 90688 / 106688
A Southron town beyond the crossings of the Harnen, built upon the meeting of many roads.

The fords over the river Lithnen and on to eastern lands. Often in ages past were these waters stained red by the conquering swords of Gondor.

  • Ugrî-zadîn - Map coordinates: 1566 / 1482 - Game coordinates: 96832 / 96320
A small but fortified town of Harnennor. The Haradrim speak of a time when Lord Sauron sent a rain of ash upon their lands, to deliver them from Gondorian invaders.

  • Ninzadîn - Map coordinates: 1447 / 1558 - Game coordinates: 81600 / 106048
A settlement of the Southrons by the river Harnen. Here stands a gruesome tower decorated with the skulls of fallen Northerlings..

  • Bêlkadar - Map coordinates: 1343 / 1561 - Game coordinates: 68288 / 106432
Where the mighty Harnen river meets the Bay of Belfalas stands the greatest stronghold of the Harnedhrim, a rallying-point against their foes to the North


  • Gate of Umbar - Map coordinates: 1252 / 1698 - Game coordinates: 56640 / 123968
The low pass into the fief-lands of Umbar.

A great fortress, said to have been constructed on the orders of Herumor himself, which has stood guard over the Bay of Umbar ever since.

  • Umbar - Map coordinates: 1214 / 1689 - Game coordinates: 51776 / 122816
The proud city of the Black Númenóreans and the Corsairs, nearest of the great realms of Harad, with a long and brutal history of strife against Gondor.

Southron Coasts[]

  • Gâth-azrazâin - Map coordinates: 1245 / 1582 - Game coordinates: 55744 / 109120
An ancient Númenórean fortress built to watch over the coastlands. It fell long ago into the hands of the Haradrim.

Built long ago by the mighty Black Númenórean lord Fuinur, these fortified gates protect the realm of Umbar from foes to the north.

  • Ain an-Ahâr - Map coordinates: 1265 / 1737 - Game coordinates: 58304 / 128960
The Eye of Harad, a fabled city of the South counted as a wonder even among the Haradrim themselves.

The beautiful hanging gardens of Harad. Said to have been built long ago by a jealous Southron warlord, one among many lovers of the infamous Queen Berúthiel.

Great Desert[]

  • Ijdi-ilel - Map coordinates: 1563 / 1611 - Game coordinates: 96448 / 112832
An encampment of the Southron nomads, where desert-wanderers from many tribes go to trade and tell tales in the shade of the Emyn Lithnen.


There are more commands and settings, which affect the fast travel itself. Please look them up on the fast travel page.

Waypoints with Alignment Restrictions[]

On top of having to have travelled to certain regions for waypoints to work, some waypoints also require positive alignment with certain factions to be able to fast travel to them. All of the following factions have waypoints that can only be fast travelled to when the player has positive or neutral alignment. Waypoints that are inaccessible due to alignment have a darker colour to distinguish them.

Note: If a faction is not listed here, there are no waypoints that changes accessibility-wise when negative alignment is gained with them.


  • Renewed Snapshot 2.2 ported waypoints and fast travel to the renewed version of the mod, and made waypoints customisable using data packs.