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This is a list of features you should not suggest to be added to the mod, as such, without being very specific and concrete about how to implement them in an original and non-obvious manner.

Note that this list is not comprehensive, read the FAQ for guidance. Anything that is mentioned on the Planned Features page can be considered a part of this list.

As indicated in the first sentence, we do wish to stress that Mevans and the mod team do appreciate original and concrete notions on how to implement many of the features listed below. So, do not interpret this list as 'A list of things not to suggest anything about, anytime, at all.'. But, beware that your notions must be original and not 'very obvious'. Any obvious and unoriginal suggestion simply leads to waste of peoples effort and time and clutters the forums. In general, we recommend to focus on providing improvement suggestions on already existing features. This especially holds for the features mentioned on the Planned Features list, unless the mod team explicitly indicates they appreciate the input of ideas on planned features they are working on, which is generally announced on the Facebook page.

The List


Update 36 was the final update to the Legacy 1.7.10 version of the mod. All future updates will be for the Renewed 1.15 version of the mod.

Do not bother suggesting:

  • New features for the Legacy version of the mod: Support for the Legacy version is restricted to bug fixes.
  • New features for the Renewed version that are already in the Legacy version: Pretty much all of these are going to be added.
  • New features for the Renewed version that are not in the Legacy version: New features won't be added to the Renewed version in any meaningful numbers until it's brought up to par with the Legacy version.
  • Vanilla features added in 1.15: Features added to vanilla between 1.7.10 and 1.15 will be added to the mod as appropriate.

Do suggest:

  • When Mevans requests player feedback on a particular issue.
    • A historic example of this was: should the textures of vertical slabs be rotated or not?
  • Modifications to features already present in the Legacy version: Don't like the texture of pine leaves? Think the architecture of the Gondor Watchfort could be improved? Is Brewing not intuitive to you? Suggestions like these are all valid, provided that you provide specific and concrete examples of how they should be implemented.

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