[Orcs] did not hate dwarves especially, no more than they hated everybody and everything, and particularly the orderly and prosperous; in some parts wicked dwarves had even made alliances with them.

–-The Hobbit, Over Hill and Under Hill

Wicked Dwarves are merchants found wandering the ashen wasteland of Mordor, the cold lands of Angmar and the sunny fields of Rhúdel. They spawn in a manner similar to Half-troll Scavengers and Dwarf Miners, and allow players aligned with the forces of Evil to acquire Dwarven materials and reforge their mithril tools, weapons, and armour.


Wicked Dwarves will randomly spawn in small groups in Mordor, Angmar, and Rhúdel. They will despawn after being left alone for a period of time, similar to Dwarf Miners and Half-troll Scavengers. Some wear Dwarven Armour, while others are armourless; when not in combat, they carry Dwarven pickaxes. Unlike the majority of trading NPCs, Wicked Dwarves will attack enemy players on sight, using a dwarven sword, battleaxe, or warhammer.


Wicked Dwarves will only trade with players who have at least +100.0 alignment with either Mordor, Angmar, Gundabad, or Rhúdel. In addition, they will not trade with players with negative Mordor alignment.

Their wares, for the most part, consist of items you would see sold by any other dwarf, including weapons, tools, and various types of Dwarven building materials. Additionally, they sell Dwarven ale and tonic.

Upon trading with a Wicked Dwarf, the player will unlock the achievement "Alliance of Rogues".

Items SoldEdit

Below is a table of values for each item that the player is available to purchase from this NPC. Use this table to find out if a Trader is giving a good deal or not. Please note that the values in the below tables are of the average prices in Silver Coins only and players may encounter NPC’s with better or worse deals. Each Mordor Orc Trader will only have a few of these items listed for sale.

Items Sold Price Range Image
Blacksmith Hammer 14-23 (1coinX4coinI to 2coinX3coinI) BlacksmithHammer
Dwarven Sword 19-31 (1coinX9coinI to 3coinX1coinI) SwordDwarven
Dwarven Battleaxe 19-31 (1coinX9coinI to 3coinX1coinI) Dwarven Battleaxe
Dwarven Warhammer 19-31 (1coinX9coinI to 3coinX1coinI) HammerDwarven
Dwarven Dagger 14-23 (1coinX4coinI to 2coinX3coinI) DaggerDwarven
Dwarven Pickaxe 15-25 (1coinX5coinI to 2coinX5coinI) PickaxeDwarven
Dwarven Mattock 19-31 (1coinX9coinI to 3coinX1coinI) MattockDwarven
Dwarven Throwing Axe 14-23 (1coinX4coinI to 2coinX3coinI) ThrowingAxeDwarven
8 x Dwarven Bars 23-38 (2coinX3coinI to 3coinX8coinI) DwarfBars
Dwarven Forge 75-125 (7coinX5coinI to 1coinC2coinX5coinI) DwarvenForge
Dwarven Ale 8-13 (8coinI to 1coinX3coinI) DwarvenAle
Dwarven Tonic 23-38 (2coinX3coinI to 3coinX8coinI) DwarvenTonic
8 x Dwarven Brick 4-6 (4coinI to 6coinI) Dwarven Brick
16 x Dwarven Brick Slab 4-6 (4coinI to 6coinI) DwarvenBrickSlab
5 x Dwarven Brick Stairs 4-6 (4coinI to 6coinI) DwarvenBrickStairs
8 x Dwarven Brick Wall 4-6 (4coinI to 6coinI) DwarvenBrickWall
1 x Carved Dwarven Brick 4-6 (4coinI to 6coinI) DwarvenBrickCarved
4 x Dwarven Pillar 4-6 (4coinI to 6coinI) DwarvenBrickPillar
8 x Dwarven Pillar Slab 4-6 (4coinI to 6coinI) DwarvenCrackedPillarSlab
8 x Cracked Dwarven Brick 2-3 (2coinI to 3coinI) DwarvenCracked
16 x Cracked Dwarven Slab 2-3 (2coinI to 3coinI) DwarvenCrackedSlab
5 x Cracked Dwarven Stairs 2-3 (2coinI to 3coinI) DwarvenCrackedStairs
8 x Cracked Dwarven Wall 2-3 (2coinI to 3coinI) DwarvenCrackedWall
4 x Cracked Dwarven Pillar 2-3 (2coinI to 3coinI) DwarvenCrackedPillar
8 x Cracked Dwarven Pillar Slab 2-3 (2coinI to 3coinI) DwarvenCrackedPillarSlab
1 x Silver-trimmed Dwarven Brick 3-5 (3coinI to 5coinI) DwarvenBrickSilver
1 x Gold-trimmed Dwarven Brick 6-10 (6coinI to 1coinX) DwarvenBrickGold
1 x Glowing Dwarven Brick 3-5 (3coinI to 5coinI) DwarvenBricksGlowing
8 x Obsidian Dwarven Brick 6-10 (6coinI to 1coinX) DwarvenObsidian
16 x Obsidian Dwarven Slab 6-10 (6coinI to 1coinX) DwarvenObsidianSlab
5 x Obsidian Dwarven Stairs 6-10 (6coinI to 1coinX) DwarvenObsidianStairs
8 x Obsidian Dwarven Wall 6-10 (6coinI to 1coinX) DwarvenObsidianWall
1 x Dwarven Gate 9-15 (9coinI to 1coinX5coinI) DwarfGate

Items BoughtEdit

Below is a table of values for each item that the player can sell to this NPC. Use this table to earn more money by only selling when the prices are high. Please note that the values in the below tables are of the average prices in Silver Coins only, and players may encounter NPC's with better or worse deals. Each Mordor Orc Trader will only want to purchase a few of the items listed below.

Items Bought Price Range Image
Iron Ingot 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Iron Ingot
Dwarven Steel Ingot 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Dwarven Steel Ingot
2 x Coal 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) Coal
Gold Ingot 11-19 (1coinX1coinI to 1coinX9coinI) Gold Ingot
Copper Ingot 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Copper
Tin Ingot 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Tin
Bronze Ingot 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Bronze Ingot
3 x String 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) String
Diamond 19-31 (1coinX9coinI to 3coinX1coinI) Diamond
Emerald 11-19 (1coinX1coinI to 1coinX9coinI) Emerald
Sapphire 9-15 (9coinI to 1coinX5coinI) Sapphire
Ruby 9-15 (9coinI to 1coinX5coinI) Ruby
Opal 8-13 (8coinI to 1coinX3coinI) Opal
Amber 8-13 (8coinI to 1coinX3coinI) Amber
Amethyst 6-10 (6coinI to 1coinX) Amethyst
Topaz 6-10 (6coinI to 1coinX) Topaz
Pearl 19-31 (1coinX9coinI to 3coinX1coinI) Pearl
Steak 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Steak
Cooked Porkchop 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) PorkchopCooked
Cooked Mutton 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) CookedMutton
Cooked Chicken 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) ChickenCooked
Gammon 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Gammon
Cooked Fish 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) FishCooked
Cooked Rabbit 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) CookedRabbit
Venison 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Venison
Bread 2-3 (2coinI to 3coinI) Bread
Lava Bucket 12-20 (1coinX2coinI to 2coinX) Lava Bucket
8 x Cobblestone 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) Cobblestone
8 x Stone 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) Stone
3 x Glowstone Dust 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) Glowstone Dust
Obsidian Shard 2-3 (2coinI to 3coinI) Obsidian Shard


Wicked Dwarves are also capable of reforging and repairing weapons, armour and tools. Together with their brethren of the Blue Mountains and the Iron Hills, they are the only smiths with knowledge of how to work with Mithril weapons and armour - although they will only do so for a steep price.



  • A fellow rogue!
  • A fellow rogue! Greetings, Person!
  • By my beard, someone who's not an Orc! Bless ye, lad!
  • Curse these Rakhâs! They stink like the pits of Khazad-dûm!
  • Many years I have been wandering, Person.
  • They exiled me for my deeds, so I went and joined the Goblins. Nasty creatures.
  • I may be an outcast, my friend, but aren't we all here?
  • I may be an outcast, but by my beard, I still know how to work good steel!
  • All the way from the East, to end up here? What an ill fate.
  • Wicked, they call me. If you'd been brought up over there, you'd have run away too, Person.
  • Aye, they call them Stiffbeards for good reason!
  • You need to work on that beard, Person.
  • What tidings do you bring? What news of the Seven Houses?
  • My beard is the envy of all Dwarves!
  • Do they still speak of me in Baraz-tûm?
  • Those Easterling ladies love my beard, aye! Ha! Ha!
  • I still dream of roaring fires, fresh ale, and ripe meat off the bone...
  • My smithcraft is finer than any of those cowards beneath the Mountain!


  • Do we serve the same master, Person?
  • All the way from the East, to end up here? What an ill fate.
  • You mistake me for a scavenger! I will not trade with one like you.
  • Ha! I do not sell my craft to any old rogue!
  • Where do your loyalties lie, Person?
  • Are you a Longbeard spy, perhaps?
  • They have sent men after me before. Why should I trust you?
  • Even I would not stoop so low as to trade with you!
  • By my beard! You think you are worthy of Dwarvish smithcraft?
  • I will not trade with you, Person. The Bosses would not allow it!
  • Why, you might be a spy out of Baraz-tûm! No trade.


  • Don't expect to get the better of me, you rowdy lad!
  • I'll cleave your miserable skull in twain!
  • Come on, lad! Show me what you've got!
  • Suffer the wrath of the Dwarves, Person!
  • Came you here only to be crushed?
  • Draw your last breath, Person!
  • Raaarrrgh!
  • I'll crush you like a rock, lad!
  • What were you thinking, picking a fight with me? Ha!
  • Khazâd ai-mênu!
  • Ishkhaqwi ai durugnul!
  • Begone, tark filth!
  • Did they send you here to get me? Ha! Come on then!
  • Come on then, Person!
  • I'll toss your head back to the Red Mountains!
  • You're no match for a rogue like me!
  • Du Bekar! Du Bekar!
  • Aye lad, you're fighting for the wrong side!
  • Aye, let's get on with it then!
  • Exile has made me mighty!
  • I'm a Dwarf! Not some weakling Rukhs!
  • Crawl back to your Longbeard paymasters!
  • Aye, did the Stiffbeards send you after me?
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