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Had I known, I would have spoken softer in the Inn at Bree! That spear-thrust would have skewered a wild boar!

–Aragorn on The Fellowship of the Ring, The Bridge of Khazad-dûm

Wild boars are a more aggressive type of pig that can be found alongside or replacing pigs in many biomes. They are also a very good mount and are fairly fast.


They occur in almost all temperate biomes except for the Shire, Breeland and the Pelennor Fields of Gondor, where domesticated pigs have taken their role in the 'natural' order. They seem to be especially fertile in the Iron Hills, where they outnumber all other common animals of the temperate biomes.

Because of their occurrence in so many biomes, the wild boar are considered common animals. More information on their occurrence and that of other common animals can be found on the Common Animals page.


Boars are normally passive but will turn hostile if you try to attack them. Their drops are the same as pigs (raw pork chops (RawPorkchop.png) and cooked pork chops (PorkchopCooked.png) if they die while on fire).


Players are able to tame and ride boars. As of Beta 20 Boars must be tamed like horses (you can feed it any kind of horse food) and can afterwards be bred with carrots (Carrot.png).

They can be good mounts early on in the game, because it is not always easy to find horses in certain biomes. Before that update taming was very similar to taming a Pig; you just place a saddle Saddle.png) on a boar and you're good to go. Boars have special armour, just like horses and Wargs. They are able to swim over water similarly to a Warg. You can hire Dwarf Warriors and Dwarf Axe-Throwers riding boars from a Dwarf Commander as they do not like horses. Otherwise, dwarf boar riders do not spawn naturally.


Drop Rarity Quantity Image
Raw Porkchop Always 1-3 RawPorkchop.png



  • Update 36.8 nerfed boars somewhat by reducing their maximum speed and allowing them to 'flinch' when attacked, like horses do.
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