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You let them out again Old Man Willow! What be you a thinking of? You should not be waking, Eat earth! Dig deep! Drink Water, and go to sleep!

Fellowship of the Ring, The Old Forest

Willow trees spawn in many biomes, most often near rivers and lakes. They are rather big and covered by vines like jungle trees.


Willow trees need the close proximity of significant water bodies, rich soil and a temperate climate. As these can be found in many biomes across Middle-earth, the willow is a very familiar sight. A full list of biomes temperate and wet enough to support willows is presented below.


Willow trees are large, many branched trees. Their branches are usually wide and low to the ground, and take up a lot of horizontal space. However, their trunk is usually at least 2 blocks wide at the base. The trees have been known to get up to 16 meters tall, but can be as short as 10 (33-53 feet). The leaves are light green in colour. Willow trees spawn draped in their own kind of vine, the willow vine.


Just like any tree, the leaves of the willow tree can be broken by hand to possibly yield a willow sapling, and with shears to yield the leaf block and a chance of sapling. The vines give nothing when broken with a fist, and drop themselves once broken with shears. The wood can be broken with any axe or a fist, and then crafted into planks or burned into charcoal. The planks can then be crafted into willow stairs, slabs, or fences.

Willow Plank, Fence, Gate, Slab, Log, Leaves, Stairs, Door, Trapdoor and Beam

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