A little red wine, for me, I think.

–Gandalf, The Hobbit, An Unexpected Party

Wine is a Middle-earth drink which can be found in barrels, famously produced in the land of Dorwinion in the northwest of Rhûn. It will restore your hunger bar, but like all alcoholic beverages, it has no other use except to make you drunk for 30 seconds to four minutes based on potency.

Upon drinking this enlightening beverage, one gains the achievement "Heady Vintage".


With the Public Beta 28 release, wine now has a brewing recipe, but it can also be found in chests and in the cellars of all Wood-elven towers in the Woodland Realm, or as a semi-rare drop from its inhabitants. It can be found more commonly in Dorwinion structures as well, as all of them will contain it in some form. It is also sold by Southron drink traders in Southron Bazaars. Like other alcoholic beverages, wine comes in five different potencies: weak, light, moderate, strong, and potent.


Wine can be brewed in a barrel. You'll need three buckets of water and six red or green grapes.

Note : You can't mix red and green grapes when brewing.

brewing recipe
Water Bucket
Water Bucket
Water Bucket


When drinking wine, your hunger bar will fill up, but you will have to put up with the status effect of nausea for a duration depending on the alcoholicity of the drink and your own alcohol tolerance; the more potent the wine, the more does your hunger bar fill up and the longer does the nausea effect last. Note that you can increase your alcohol tolerance by drinking a lot of alcoholic beverages. Also note that while the different varieties may taste different and have different alcoholicity, they will fill you up the same.

Potency Alcoholicity white Alcoholicity red Hunger Restored Saturation white Saturation red
Weak 2.25% 2.50% 1food .8 1bread .8 1bread
Light 4.5% 5% 2food 1.8 2bread 1.8 2bread
Moderate 9% 10% 4food 3.2 3bread 3.2 3bread
Strong 18% 20% 8food 5 5bread 5 5bread
Potent 27% 30% 10food2food 7.2 7bread 6 6bread

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