In the glens of the Morgai on the other side of the valley low scrubby trees lurked and clung, coarse grey grass-tussocks fought with the stones, and withered mosses crawled on them (...)

The Return of the King

Withered moss is a plant sometimes found on the surface of Mordor rock in the Mordor biome.


Withered moss has an appearance of a flat, dead plant, killed by the darkness, poisonous fumes, and lack of rain brought on by Mount Doom.


A group of Withered Mosses.


It can be picked up by the player by breaking them with shears, and can be placed on Mordor rock again by right-clicking with it in hand. The moss cannot be placed on any other type of block, similar to other plants not being placeable on blocks other than dirt-type blocks. It can also be used as low-quality fuel in a forge.

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