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He's been having a little feast all to himself and his friend the captain

The Hobbit, Barrels Out of Bond

[...] and the elf-lords were at bay about their king upon the southern arm, near to the watchpost of Ravenhill.

The Hobbit, The Clouds Burst

The Wood-elf captain spawns at the top of towers in the Woodland Realm. They are easily recognizable by their green capes, and will fight back if provoked. Wood-elf captains carry a bow and a sword.

If you reach at least +250 alignment level with the Woodland Realm, you will be able to hire units from the captain.


Listed below are the units that can be hired from the captain, as well as the Woodland Realm alignment requirements and cost in silver coins. Remember the price goes down with higher alignment.

Upon hiring a unit from a captain, the player earns the achievement "Defender of Mirkwood".

Unit Unpledged or Pledged to Other Elven Faction Cost (Silver Coins) Pledged to Woodland Realm Cost (Silver Coins) Alignment Required (Woodland Realm) Requires Pledge (Any Elf)
Wood-elf 30-60 ( 30  to  60 ) 15-30 ( 15  15  to  30 ) +250 No
Wood-elf Scout 40-80 ( 40  to  80 ) 20-40 ( 20  to  40 ) +300 Yes
Wood-elf Warrior 50-100 ( 50  to  100 ) 25-50 ( 25  25  to  50 ) +350 Yes
Wood-elven Elk Rider 70-140 ( 70  to  140  140 ) 35-70 ( 35  35  to  70 ) +450 Yes
Wood-elf Banner Bearer 70-140 ( 70  to  140  140 ) 35-70 ( 35  35  to  70 ) +500 Yes


Drop Rarity Quantity Image
Arrow Common 1-2 Arrow.png
Elf Bone Common 1 Elf Bone.png
Red Wine Uncommon 1 Red Wine.png
Lembas Uncommon 1 Lembas.png
Bow of Mirkwood Rare 1 MirkwoodBowLarge.png
Wood-Elven Sword Rare 1 SwordWoodElvenLong.png
Wood-Elven Chestplate Rare 1 BodyWoodElven.png
Wood-Elven Leggings Rare 1 LegsWoodElven.png
Wood-Elven Boots Rare 1 BootsWoodElven.png



  • Do you seek to hire warriors? My Elves might chance to follow you, Person.
  • I suppose I could delegate some Elven warriors to you - in exchange for a small payment, of course.
  • Have you any silver coins with which to buy the forces of the Woodland Realm?
  • We Wood-elves are not cheap brawlers, Person.
  • If you fight with us, Person, then we shall fight with you.
  • There are many skilled warriors under my command.
  • We Elves of Mirkwood, due to an incredible amount of threats, have become incredibly good at fighting.
  • It seems that you are an Elf-friend, Person. I shall allow you to lead my warriors.
  • I have the finest warriors in all of Mirkwood!
  • Even my tireless warriors desire payment, Person.
  • I will allow you to hire some of our valiant warriors, for you have proven that you are a true friend of our kin.
  • In these gloomy times we must keep to ourselves and protect our own realm. But I can offer you some of my troops, for a price.
  • Greetings, Person! Do you seek to command the mighty Elven warriors of this realm?


  • We Wood-elves will not fight for one so young as you, Person.
  • No Elf of Mirkwood would follow your command.
  • Only the mightiest of Men are fit to command the warriors of Mirkwood, Person.
  • You would seek to hire my warriors? Ilúvatar has placed no bounds on the folly of Men.
  • You are no great warrior of the Elder Days, Person, nor a Man of the West. Begone!
  • What foolishness makes you think an Elf of Mirkwood would follow your lead, Person?
  • Great Men sometimes fight with us in battle. You are no great Man, Person.
  • Which fool gave you passage into our lands?
  • I have yet to see any Adan of Endor capable of leading Elves, and you are no exception, Person.
  • You are not yet ready to command our kin, Person.
  • Prove your allegiance to our kin and I may consider giving you some troops!
  • My mighty warriors shall only follow true friends of our kin.
  • I do not yet deem you worthy enough to command my excellent warriors.


  • Take your evil and flee these lands, Person!
  • We do not welcome your kind here.
  • You should not have come here!
  • You are no match for the warriors of the Elvenking!
  • One way or another, you shall depart our lands!
  • You are mistaken if you think you can threaten us!
  • Flee, Morgul-scum!
  • Back into the shadows, you villain!
  • You were wrong to set foot here, Person!
  • To Udûn with you!
  • Go and kiss an Orc!
  • Death to the foes of the Elves!
  • Who brings to us this token of doom?
  • Begone from our lands, scum of Dol Guldur.
  • You shall soon meet your end, servant of evil.
  • Go back to the darkness whence you came!
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