Wood-elf Lookout Platforms are structures found on the sides of the larger variant of Mirk-oak trees in the Woodland Realm - often, a tall tree may host many different platforms.


The platforms are made from Mirk-oak planks, a Mirk-oak fence border with four Wood-elven torches, and a ladder reaching all the way to the ground for accessibility. Wood-elves and scouts sometimes spawn on these platforms. Remember, these platforms are extremely flammable.


Because these towers don't have any loot, they are usually not particularly useful for most players, although an evil player can use this platform to assassinate Wood-Elves in safety. Good players can use these platforms to assassinate NPC's spawned during a Dol Guldur invasion.


Wood-Elf Shield  The Wood-elves of Mirkwood  Wood-Elf Banner

NPCs: Elf (Banner Bearer, Scout, Warrior)
Traders: CaptainSmith
Items: Armour (Galvorn, Scout, Elk) • BowEquipment
Blocks: BedBrickCrafting TableForgeTorch
Structures: HouseLookout PlatformSmithyTower (Ruined)

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