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Out leaped the Wood-elves with their bows and spears and called the Dwarves to a halt.

The Hobbit, Barrels Out of Bond

A Wood-Elf Scout is a special type of Wood-Elf that spawns in the Woodland Realm.

These Elves wear a full suit of Wood-elven scout armour that gives them a permanent speed boost. They are armed with a Bow of Mirkwood that shoots up to 24 blocks away.


Wood-elf scouts have an infinite speed boost due to their armour.

Unlike most Elves, their only weapon is their bow, which they prefer to use from long distances. Therefore, when an enemy gets too close, Wood-elf scouts will disappear in a flurry of leaves and appear somewhere farther off to start attacking again.


You can hire these Elves from a Wood-elf captain if your alignment with the Woodland Realm is +300 or higher. Their price starts at 40 silver coins a piece, and decreases as the player's alignment increases. The price can reach a minimum of 20 coins.

Advantages Disadvantages
Powerful ranged attack No melee attack
A very fast-moving unit, due to their armour Armour is rather weak
Can teleport away if an NPC gets too close
Deadly against large units (Trolls, Olog-Hai, Mirk-trolls, etc.)
Immune to poison


Drop Rarity Quantity Image
Arrow Common 1-2 Arrow.png
Elf Bone Common 1 Elf Bone.png
Miruvor Uncommon 1 MugMiruvor.png
Lembas Uncommon 1 Lembas.png
Bow of Mirkwood Rare 1 MirkwoodBowLarge.png
Wood-Elf Scout Helmet Rare 1 HelmetWoodElvenScout.png
Wood-Elf Scout Chestplate Rare 1 BodyWoodElvenScout.png
Wood-Elf Scout Leggings Rare 1 LegsWoodElvenScout.png
Wood-Elf Scout Boots Rare 1 BootsWoodElvenScout.png



  • I defend this woodland realm from those who would seek its destruction.
  • There is powerful magic here.
  • Beware, Person... there is much evil afoot in these lands.
  • I fight for the Silvan Elves of Mirkwood.
  • It is not often that Men venture into Mirkwood from outside.
  • Stay out of the shadows, Person.
  • Much evil lurks beyond our borders.
  • A star shines upon the hour of our meeting, Elf-friend.
  • Welcome to the land of the Elvenking, Person.
  • Welcome to our woodland realm.
  • Beware the spawn of Ungoliant!
  • We Elves of the Woodland Realm must remain vigilant, for there is always evil on our borders.
  • Always we must be on the watch, Person.
  • Greetings, Person. Welcome to the realm of the Elvenking.
  • Welcome to our fair realm, Person. What tidings do you bring to us from the world of Men?
  • Be on your guard, Person. The woods that lie beyond our borders are filled with creatures of shadow.
  • The woods around these lands are becoming more and more perilous.
  • I fear that the Shadow has once more returned to that accursed fortress in the south of Mirkwood.


  • Are you an Elf-friend?
  • Are you an Elf-friend, Person?
  • Do you come in peace, Person?
  • What tidings from the world of Men, Person?
  • Take care in the woods, Person. You might lose your way...
  • We are slow to trust those who come from outside, Person.
  • What business brings you to these lands, Person?
  • We Elves of the Woodland Realm must remain vigilant, for there is always evil on our borders.
  • Always we must be on the watch, Person.
  • It is not wise to wander unannounced into our land, Person...
  • Beware, Person, for we Wood-elves are slow to trust a stranger.
  • Your presence makes me uneasy.
  • Weak hearts are easily corrupted...
  • We are not like other Elven-folk, Person. We are more... cautious.
  • I cannot discern your intentions. You would be wise to leave these lands, Person.
  • Whence do you come, Person?
  • What business do you have in our realm, Person?
  • We Woodland Elves do not trust any stranger that passes by.
  • I am unsure of your heart, Person. You are unknown to our kin.
  • I have not seen a Man in many a year. What tidings do you bring to us, Person?


  • Take your evil and flee these lands, Person!
  • We do not welcome your kind here.
  • You should not have come here!
  • You are no match for the warriors of the Elvenking!
  • One way or another, you shall depart our lands!
  • You are mistaken if you think you can threaten us!
  • Flee, Morgul-scum!
  • Back into the shadows, you villain!
  • You were wrong to set foot here, Person!
  • To Udûn with you!
  • Go and kiss an Orc!
  • Death to the foes of the Elves!
  • Who brings to us this token of doom?
  • Begone from our lands, scum of Dol Guldur.
  • You shall soon meet your end, servant of evil.
  • Go back to the darkness whence you came!


  • We fight for the Woodland Realm!
  • You may be skilled in fighting, Person, but even you cannot match our abilities.
  • Silver coins mean little to an Elf. We have chosen to fight with you because it suits us, Person.
  • Our foes shall fall and be trampled like the leaves of the forest!
  • Neither spider, Orc filth, nor wicked Man may stand against the power of Mirkwood!
  • For Mirkwood!
  • For the Woodland Realm! For the Elvenking!
  • My arrows shall be swift and my blade sharp as they seek the flesh of the enemy.
  • All foul things shall perish before the bows and blades of Mirkwood.
  • May the grace of the Valar protect us in combat, Person.
  • My bow shall sing with your sword, Person!
  • The bones of our foes will gleam under the Sun, Person.
  • Let us cleanse this world of the foul scum of Mordor!
  • The days grow dark and cold, but the light of the Elves is not yet gone from this realm!
  • Evil is beginning to gather again in the fortress of Dol Guldur. It cannot be allowed to threaten our lands.
  • I shall follow you through shadow and flame! None shall withstand the gleaming light of our swords!
  • In the name of all that is good and true, let us cleanse this world of evil!
  • We must not allow evil to spread!
  • Let us cleanse this forest of the evil that poisons it!
  • The foul spawn of Ungoliant shall tremble before us!
  • No spawn of evil shall enter the Woodland Realm under our watch!
Wood-Elf Shield.png  The Wood-elves of Mirkwood  Wood-Elf Banner.PNG

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