The Elves were the first to charge. Their hatred for the goblins is cold and bitter. Their spears and swords shone in the gloom with a gleam of chill flame, so deadly was the wrath of the hands that held them.

The Hobbit, The Clouds Burst

[...] and out upon the other side came many of the spearmen of the Elves.

The Hobbit, The Clouds Burst

Wood-elf warriors are among the strongest type of Wood-elf. They wear Wood-elven armour and may use Wood-elven equipment as well as the Bow of Mirkwood. Like other Elves, their swords will glow blue when Orcs are near.


Wood-elven warriors spawn rarely in the Woodland Realm, mostly inhabiting towers. When low on health, they will eat lembas to heal themselves. Sometimes, a Wood-elf warrior will spawn mounted on a elk, which gives them increased mobility when in combat and increased detection range.


Wood-elf warriors can be hired from captains starting for 50 silver coins, at +350 Woodland Realm alignment. A mounted variant can also be hired upon reaching +450 Woodland Realm alignment, starting at 70 coins each. Note that the price decreases as your alignment increases.


Drop Rarity Quantity Image
Arrow Common 1-2 Arrow
Elf Bone Common 1 Elf Bone
Red Wine Uncommon 1 Red Wine
Lembas Uncommon 1 Lembas
Bow of Mirkwood Rare 1 MirkwoodBowLarge
Wood-elven Sword Rare 1 SwordWoodElven
Wood-elven helmet Rare 1 HelmetWoodElven
Wood-elven chestplate Rare 1 BodyWoodElven
Wood-elven leggings Rare 1 LegsWoodElven
Wood-elven boots Rare 1 BootsWoodElven



  • I defend this woodland realm from those who would seek its destruction.
  • There is powerful magic here.
  • Beware, Person... there is much evil afoot in these lands.
  • I fight for the Silvan Elves of Mirkwood.
  • It is not often that Men venture into Mirkwood from outside.
  • Stay out of the shadows, Person.
  • Much evil lurks beyond our borders.
  • A star shines upon the hour of our meeting, Elf-friend.
  • Welcome to the land of the Elvenking, Person.
  • Welcome to our woodland realm.
  • Beware the spawn of Ungoliant!
  • We Elves of the Woodland Realm must remain vigilant, for there is always evil on our borders.
  • Always we must be on the watch, Person.
  • Greetings, Person. Welcome to the realm of the Elvenking.
  • Welcome to our fair realm, Person. What tidings do you bring to us from the world of Men?
  • Be on your guard, Person. The woods that lie beyond our borders are filled with creatures of shadow.
  • The woods around these lands are becoming more and more perilous.
  • I fear that the Shadow has once more returned to that accursed fortress in the south of Mirkwood.


  • Are you an Elf-friend?
  • Are you an Elf-friend, Person?
  • Do you come in peace, Person?
  • What tidings from the world of Men, Person?
  • Take care in the woods, Person. You might lose your way...
  • We are slow to trust those who come from outside, Person.
  • What business brings you to these lands, Person?
  • We Elves of the Woodland Realm must remain vigilant, for there is always evil on our borders.
  • Always we must be on the watch, Person.
  • It is not wise to wander unannounced into our land, Person...
  • Beware, Person, for we Wood-elves are slow to trust a stranger.
  • Your presence makes me uneasy.
  • Weak hearts are easily corrupted...
  • We are not like other Elven-folk, Person. We are more... cautious.
  • I cannot discern your intentions. You would be wise to leave these lands, Person.
  • Whence do you come, Person?
  • What business do you have in our realm, Person?
  • We Woodland Elves do not trust any stranger that passes by.
  • I am unsure of your heart, Person. You are unknown to our kin.
  • I have not seen a Man in many a year. What tidings do you bring to us, Person?


  • Take your evil and flee these lands, Person!
  • We do not welcome your kind here.
  • You should not have come here!
  • You are no match for the warriors of the Elvenking!
  • One way or another, you shall depart our lands!
  • You are mistaken if you think you can threaten us!
  • Flee, Morgul-scum!
  • Back into the shadows, you villain!
  • You were wrong to set foot here, Person!
  • To Udûn with you!
  • Go and kiss an Orc!
  • Death to the foes of the Elves!
  • Who brings to us this token of doom?
  • Begone from our lands, scum of Dol Guldur.
  • You shall soon meet your end, servant of evil.
  • Go back to the darkness whence you came!


  • We fight for the Woodland Realm!
  • You may be skilled in fighting, Person, but even you cannot match our abilities.
  • Silver coins mean little to an Elf. We have chosen to fight with you because it suits us, Person.
  • Our foes shall fall and be trampled like the leaves of the forest!
  • Neither spider, Orc filth, nor wicked Man may stand against the power of Mirkwood!
  • For Mirkwood!
  • For the Woodland Realm! For the Elvenking!
  • My arrows shall be swift and my blade sharp as they seek the flesh of the enemy.
  • All foul things shall perish before the bows and blades of Mirkwood.
  • May the grace of the Valar protect us in combat, Person.
  • My bow shall sing with your sword, Person!
  • The bones of our foes will gleam under the Sun, Person.
  • Let us cleanse this world of the foul scum of Mordor!
  • The days grow dark and cold, but the light of the Elves is not yet gone from this realm!
  • Evil is beginning to gather again in the fortress of Dol Guldur. It cannot be allowed to threaten our lands.
  • I shall follow you through shadow and flame! None shall withstand the gleaming light of our swords!
  • In the name of all that is good and true, let us cleanse this world of evil!
  • We must not allow evil to spread!
  • Let us cleanse this forest of the evil that poisons it!
  • The foul spawn of Ungoliant shall tremble before us!
  • No spawn of evil shall enter the Woodland Realm under our watch!
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