A Wood-elven bed is a new type of bed which can be found in the Wood-elf houses of Mirkwood. They function just as regular beds.

Note, that player respawning is changed by the mod. Follow the link for more details.


A Wood-elven bed in the rather simple basement of a Wood-elf house.

Crafting Edit

Wood-elven beds have to be crafted on the Wood-elven crafting table. Before Public Beta 29, only Mirk-oak planks could be used, now any type will do. Wool of any colour can be used.

Wood-elven crafting recipe
Wood-elven Crafting
any wool
any wood planks
any wool
any wood planks
any wool
any wood planks
Wood-elven Bed
Wood-Elf Shield  The Wood-elves of Mirkwood  Wood-Elf Banner

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