If you are looking for the ruins of the once great Woodland Realm, the Ruined Wood-elven Tower might be what you're looking for.

Wood-elven towers are generated structures.


Wood-elven towers naturally generate in the Woodland Realm, and are well-guarded by Wood-elvesWood-elf scouts, and Wood-elf Warriors. At the top of these towers, there is also a Wood-elf Captain, from whom the player can hire Wood-elven troops.


The height of the tower varies, but there are 5 layers (including ground level), an underground level, a dungeon below that level, and a roof. Two banners of the Woodland Realm may be found on the tower. One is right above the entry door, and the other is located near the very top.

There is a winding staircase that is used to access all parts of the tower (except the dungeons, which are accessed by a ladder from the underground layer). The column that that these stairs revolve around is actually an extremely tall Mirk-oak tree trunk that spreads its boughs and leaves over the rooftop. The entire structure is lit with Wood-elven torches.

Wood-elven Towers are possibly the best structure to raid in Mirkwood, as the player can obtain lembas, red wine, banners of the Woodland Realm, Miruvor, units, arrows, armour stands, Wood-elven Scout Armour, Wood-elven brick, Wood-elven equipment, and more.

Underground Edit

The basement (one level below the ground floor) contains a large amount of food and drink. There are four barrels of red wine, as well as mugs on the tables that may also be filled. There is also a table with two plates of food. In addition to the abundance in food, the player will find two Wood-elven crafting tables and a chest that varies in loot (Mirk-oak saplings, arrows, Wood-elven equipment, additional mugs of red wine at differing potency, etc.).

From the basement, there is a trapdoor and ladder that the player can use to access the dungeon. The dungeon is comprised of three cells secured with iron bars, and these cells may contain Orcs,skulls (probably from dead orcs) and very rarely, Dwarves.

Upper Layers Edit

The layers above the ground floor and under the rooftop do not hold any loot. They do, however, each have four balconies, one on each wall.

The rooftop is shaded by a great Mirk-oak tree that the structure was built around. There is also an armour stand holding a full suit of Wood-elven scout armour, and three item frames holding the same items that you might find on item frames in Wood-elf Houses. Additionally, as stated before, this is the only place where Wood-elf Captains spawn.


Wood-Elf Shield  The Wood-elves of Mirkwood  Wood-Elf Banner

NPCs: Elf (Banner Bearer, Scout, Warrior)
Traders: CaptainSmith
Items: Armour (Galvorn, Scout, Elk) • BowEquipment
Blocks: BedBrickCrafting TableForgeTorch
Structures: HouseLookout PlatformSmithyTower (Ruined)

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