Yam is a kind of food found in Far Harad. It is very similar to potatoes. Yams were added to the Mod in Public Beta 31.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Yams grow in patches in the savannah. They can also be found in the inventory of Morwaith dwellings.

Growing[edit | edit source]

As with potatoes and other seedless crops, yams can be grown by planting one on tilled soil. The growth process can be shortened by using bone meal on the growing yam.

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Uses[edit | edit source]

By baking yams in an oven, one obtains a roasted yam, that will restore 6 ( 6 ).

It is highly recommended to roast yams before eating, as they will induce hunger when eaten raw; even though it restores 1 ( 1 ), you might end up hungrier than you were before.

heat needed
any kind of fuel
Roast Yam

They make a good source of food for the Morwaith and everyone venturing into the far south of Middle-earth.

A Dik-dik feeding on a patch of yams in Far Harad.

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