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Yorick is one of the moderators of the LOTR Mod's Facebook page. He is an expert on LOTR lore and is known for having created the dwarf, orc, and elf sounds currently in use in the mod, among other things.

He is well known for disappearing for many weeks at a time, only to pop up again, and scare people when they see ~Yorick marked onto a comment, many of the moderators believing he is naught but a ghost.

Yorick is an Bureaucrat on the wiki, under the name Thorin11, and was very active when the wiki began. He also has a YouTube channel by the name of FuzzballStudios and has done series of the LOTR mod. Due to real-life obligations beyond his control, he has been busy, and rather inactive, both on the Facebook page and the Wiki for the last few months.

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