Zebras are passive animals that spawn in Far Harad, and are similar to horses. They are used as mounts of the Morwaith.

Behaviour Edit

Zebras wander around most of the time without showing any interest in the player. If attacked, they will flee. They are occasionally chased by lions or crocodiles.

Like the horses, they can be bred using red apples (Apples). They can also be milked with a bucket (Bucket) or mug (Mug).

Taming and Riding Edit

2014-08-05 16.04.23

Saddled and leashed zebra.

Zebras are saddled just like horses are, by right-clicking with an empty hand multiple times, until the zebra emits heart particles, then click it with a saddle (Saddle) in hand, and the GUI will pop up, and put the saddle in the saddle slot. Then, you can ride your tamed zebra! They can also be tied down or attached to a lead (Lead).

Regular horse armour can not be equipped on a zebra so there currently is no armour and no saddlebags available for zebras. It is possible that armour will be made available in later releases of the mod.

Drops Edit

Zebras drop their meat (Zebrameat) (which can be cooked (CookedZebra)) and Vanilla leather (Leather) when killed.

Trivia Edit

  • Zebras were a feature of Mevans' previous mod, the Lion King mod. However, when zebras were added into the LOTR mod, they were redesigned to use the same model as horses.
  • In the Lion King mod, zebras dropped a zebra hide item instead of leather.

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